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Gold is money and gold can be found in various ways. Here’s how you can earn either by buying or selling gold.

Pawn shops and jewelry boutiques are not the only places that you can approach for selling gold nowadays. Lately, a popular trend has emerged and which sees more people preferring to sell their gold online.

These websites (e.g.,,, would send interested parties a prepaid kit or package. This package is heavy duty and ensured to provide the best possible protection for your items. Postage and delivery are taken care of so you will only have to wait for several days before you find a check in your mailbox.

The great thing about these websites is that they don’t limit their purchases to high-quality gold jewelry, which is often the priority of pawn and jewelry shops. They are also interested in scrap or broken gold jewelry such as unpaired or mismatched earrings, and just about any object that has gold in it. And yes, even gold teeth are accepted!

If you do not have gold to sell then maybe you’d like to earn by means of buying gold instead. But don’t worry, you need not invest any amount of capital in this venture. All you have to do is organize a gold party in your area. Gold parties are similar to Tupperware parties in the old days, but this time you are inviting your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to have their gold items appraised and maybe have it exchanged for cash.

The next step is to invite a professional appraiser from your preferred gold buying website. He will appraise the items for free and those who find his prices reasonable may immediately have their gold items exchanged. At the end of the day, the appraiser will then award you a percentage-based commission on the total sales.

Gold parties would work better if you have a trust-founded relationship with the appraiser. The best appraisers are those who have ample experience in such events, easy talk to, and offer you a reasonable percentage in return for your assistance.

Sell Gold Facts

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