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In the old days, pawn shops used to be your only hope for selling your gold for instant cash but not anymore, not with online websites like,,, and doing great business buying scrap or broken gold from private individuals.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling Gold to a Pawn Shop
There is only one and significant major advantage to selling gold to a pawn shop and that’s the opportunity to reclaim your jewelry, even if it means paying more than you originally received. This option would certainly be important if you are selling a prized item such as your high school championship ring, your wedding ring, or the necklace you inherited from a beloved ancestor.

But if you don’t need such conditions then selling your gold to a pawn shop would be more disadvantageous than beneficial.

Firstly, pawning your gold is not convenient. There are not as many pawn shops online so you might feel it’s better to visit its actual store. When you do that, you are more likely to suffer long queues during peak hours and you’ll have to be adept as well at face-to-face negotiations to ensure the best price for your gold. Of course, let’s not forget the fact that there’s always a risk of robberies when you go to a pawn shop and instead of earning cash, you lose your gold instead.

Also, pawn shops are not likely to give you a better price than what you’ll get from the aforementioned websites. Remember: pawn shops will be interested in reselling your items as they are so they will have to consider the condition of your item as well.

But with online gold buyers, their interest primarily relies in the actual content and weight of your gold. They don’t care if its surface is heavily scratched as this has little impact on the factors they’re most concerned. Thus, they are more likely to give you a better price than what you’d get from online shops.

In relation to that, online gold buyers are interested in any object that has gold in it. Pawn shops are likely to refuse objects you are selling if they do not believe they have buyers for it. Consider, for instance, badly chipped and broken vases with gold etching. A pawn shop might not be interested in it but online gold buyers are sure to find it worthy of their notice.

The moral lesson: when you have to gold to sell, it won’t hurt to compare prices between pawn shops and gold buying websites.

Sell Gold Facts

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